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A visual production tech house 

Bhugol is a production company specializing in 360º immersive panoramic photography and video based on Kathmandu City.

Our goal is to create meaningful and memorable experiences for virtual reality, desktop and mobile applications.

As 360º cinematographers, we capture experiences in full 360x180 video for the explosive new VR medium. We strive for exceptional quality in the 360 medium, employing advanced panoramic photography techniques, stereoscopy, photogrammetry and gigapixel capture. We work to create truly customized experiences for each client, providing VR application development where a solid user experience is at forefront for every project.

These are only a few of our favorite art forms, above all else we love to capture the world around us. If you’re passionate about 360 like we are, we’d love to talk!


What We Do


360° Video Production

We capture immersive high resolution 360° Video content with viral potential for YouTube, Facebook and other popular video platforms.


Virtual Reality Production

As experienced VR producers, we can guide you through the process of design, production and distribution of immersive Virtual Reality content and applications.


Virtual Tours

We create mobile and VR ready custom virtual tours with high quality 360° panoramic photographs, integration with Google Street View and design to suit your brand.

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